A A Masrur Ahmed

PhD Researcher: University of Southern Queensland

Assistant Professor (On Leave): Leading University

I am a passionate data science and deep learning user to understand the changes in hydro-meteorological extremes (e.g., drought and flood index etc.). I am currently working on developing a Hybrid Deep Learning forecasting model to forecast the hydrological variables in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin. I also work in bias correction of GCM/CMIP5 simulated variables and GFS forecast variables under global warming scenarios.

Research Interest

  • Future projection of local hydrological variables under CMIP5 simulated RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 global warming scenarios.

  • Bias correction of CMIP5/GCM simulated variables and GFS forecast variables. ​​

  • Changes in hydro-meteorological extremes (e.g. flood Index, drought, reference evapotranspiration, sea-level rise, and extreme rainfall)

  • Data-driven deep learning models in hydrology, climatology, and decision making

  • Hybrid-deep-learning approach for a decision support system for hydrological variables.

  • Hybrid-deep-learning approach for Air Quality Index (AQI) forecasting.

  • Irrigation water requirement using CROPWAT model

  • AI-Driven Statistical Downscaling

  • Water quality monitoring and application of DO-predictive approach

Current Works/ Projects

  • ​​Deep learning-based future projection of hydrological variables under global warming scenarios (under PhD)

  • Bias correction of GFS forecast variables for solar power generation (under APR internship)

  • Market price forecast model using machine learning.

  • AQI-predictive model for Bangladesh.

  • Hybrid deep learning predictive model for Mean Sea Level change.

Upcoming Events

Keynote Speaker at the Webinar on

"Data-Driven Predictive Model of Hydrological Variables: A Perceptive of Bangladesh"

Date: April 7, 2021; Organized By: CE Family of Leading University

Honors and Awards

USQ-CAS Postgraduate Research Scholarship

International Post-graduate Research Scholarship (Declined)

Turkish Government Scholarship (Declined)

SUST Merit Scholarship


Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Earthquake Society

With my Students of Leading University