Coursera Certified Courses

  • Machine Learning with Big Data

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Geo-Visualization in Python

  • Programming for Everybody (Python)

  • Statistical Data Visualization in Python

  • Python Data Structures

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python

Vocational Traning Courses

  • 1. Attended a Seminar on “Framework Development, and Research Objectives” org. by Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh from Sep. 29 to Dec 01, 2016.

  • 2. Attended an Intensive Training on “Bibliography and Reference with Mendeley®” by the DISC International org. by School of Modern Science, Leading University.

  • 3. Attended a training program on “Mathematical Modeling using MATLAB software” organized by Department of Mathematics, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

  • 4. Attended in the seminar on “Outcome-Based Education and Accreditation Criteria” organized by BAETE held in IEB, Dhaka from 9-10 June 2012.

  • 5. A seminar on “Application of GIS” scheduled to be held from Nov 19 – 20, 2018 org. by Department of Civil Engineering, Leading University, Sylhet.

  • 6. Participated a training program on SPSS (11th to 19th March 2012) jointly organized by School of Management and Business Administration, SUST and Center for Research & Training, Dhaka.

  • 7. A German language course (Semester: April-June 2011, 140 UE) offered by DIE SPRACHE (A partner of German Language Learning center), Conducted in SUST, Sylhet.

  • 8. Participated as a candidate in the Novartis BioCamp 2011 (8th and 9th July), Bangladesh conducted by Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited.

  • 9. A five Days training course on “Computer aided Analysis and Design of Civil Engineering Structures using STAAD. Pro Software” by Engineering staff College, Bangladesh.

  • 10. A five days training course on “Community participation and management of Water Supply and Sanitation” by International training Network center (ITN), Bangladesh.

  • 11. A Training course on “Advance Auto CAD (3D)” done from Win-Win Infosys Ltd. An Autodesk Authorized Training Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • A three months training course on “Certificate in Computer Applications” by National Training and Research Academy for Multilingual Shorthand (NTRAMS), Bogra, Bangladesh.

Other Training

  1. Geospatial information today and paradigm of tomorrow” held on 15 March 2016, Key Note Speaker: Prof. Dr. Kunal Kumar Adhikary, Ex-Scientist, Indian Space Research Org., India

  2. The paradigm of quality system at tertiary education: an international approach” held on 09 Sep 2018. Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jude W. Genilio, Director, IQAC, ULAB, Bangladesh.

  3. “Quality Assurance and Accreditation” arranged by IQAC of LU held on 15 OCT 2018 by Prof. Dr. Meshbahuddin Ahmed, Chairman, University Accreditation council, Bangladesh.

  4. Regional workshop on "National Qualifications Framework of Bangladesh", held on 16 Sep 2018, org. by Quality Assurance Unit, UGC, Bangladesh at SUST.

  5. Guidelines for Post Self-Assessment Improvement Plan (PSAIP)”” held on 20 January 2018 presented by Prof. Dr. Sanjay K Adhikari, Head, Quality assurance Unit, UGC, Bangladesh.

  6. “Teaching-Learning, Curriculum Development and Self-Assessment' on 20 August 2016 presented by Prof Dr. Md. Mozahar Ali, Director, Graduate Training Institute (GTI), BAU.

  7. “Pedagogy: Interactive Classroom Management, Assessment and Rubrics" held on 25 July 2017, organized by IQAC, LU by Farheen Hassan, Additional Director, IQAC, AIUB.

  8. “Quality Assurance: Accreditation and Internationalization” held on 3 OCT 2017 presented by Professor Dr. S.M. Kabir, Department of Marketing, University of Rajshahi.

  9. Table of Specifications (TOS), Rubrics and Intended Learning Outcomes” held on 7 JAN 2018, presented by Professor Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Director, IQAC, Sylhet Agricultural University.

  10. “Tools, Techniques of Academic Writing & Publication" held on 22 FEB 2018 presented by Prof. Dr. Shahriar Haque, Executive Director, Centre of Research & Training of East West University.

  11. Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning, effective questioning and improvement plans” held on 09 SEP 2018, presented by Prof. Dr. Md. A. Kashem, QA specialist, QAU, HEQEP, UGC.

  12. Sustaining Excellence in Higher Education: the US quality context” held on 15 SEP 2017, Presented by Prof. Dr. Golam M, Mathbor, Monmouth University, USA.

  13. Technical Report Writing” held on November 14, 2018 presented by Professor Dr. Md. Mozahar Ali, Former Director, Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agri. University, Mymensingh.

  14. Outcome based education in quality assurance (QA) system” held on 28 November 2018 presented by Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Director, IQAC-BUET, Bangladesh.